Saturday, 14 July 2018

Little Big Bournemouth

What a sensational time it is to be a fan of Bournemouth. Many fans of the south coast club couldn’t ever have dreamt their club would reach the top flight of English football never mind look forward to a 4th consecutive season. Bournemouth’s rise is nothing short of phenomenal following their financial difficulties in 2008 where they almost ceased to exist but fast forward a decade and they are becoming a well-known football club not just in England but across the World due to their Premier League status and exuberant style of football which has engulfed all football fans alike.

However, despite being a small football club, they have made a huge splash in the big league and over the last 3 seasons they have competed with a spirit and determination that can only be admired by others watching beating the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United emphasising why they deserve to be where they are. Furthermore, it is imperative to note the importance of Eddie Howe to Bournemouth. Howe and Bournemouth are a match made in heaven, he has journeyed as a manager with Bournemouth over two spells and has taken them from the cusp of non-league to the heavy heights of the Premier League and he is idolised on the south coast for his love for the club along with assistants Jason Tindall and Steve Fletcher. Eddie Howe has given Bournemouth an identity through his exciting passing style and everyone wanting to play the same way. Eddie Howe has won countless admirers at Bournemouth and there is no denying that a ‘bigger club’ called would he be able to resist. Despite this, Howe has constantly reiterated his love for Bournemouth and always wants to improve and do better which is music to the fans’ ears. However, despite their sensational success, Bournemouth as a football club know their realistic goals and ambitions and European football would be a dream but just staying in the Premier League is nothing short of magnificent and I’m pretty sure Bournemouth will be in the Premier League for several years to come.

Eddie Howe is a very shrewd operator in the transfer market bringing in the likes of Jermain Defoe and Asmir Begovic in past windows and there is no denying Bournemouth’s football style and philosophy is a joy to all their fans however, at times they lack goals up front in games they should win and at times concede very petulant, poor goals defensively and this naivety does cost them at times and I’m sure Eddie Howe is fully aware of the business he needs to complete before the season opener with defenders high on his shopping list. Bournemouth have a youthful exuberance about their play and this certainly resonates with Eddie Howe because he is one of the youngest managers in the Premier League, but he always remained loyal to the older guard of players who he could easily have sold on and replaced but Howe has kept them throughout their rise as a football club and these include Simon Francis, Steve Cook and Charlie Daniels. While they aren’t the best footballers technically, they fully deserve to be where they are due to their hard work, spirit and determination to succeed which of course resonates through the management team and fans.

Bournemouth will go into the new season full of optimism and excitement as they get gear up for a 4th season in the top flight and will hope to keep their place in the league and possibly dream of reaching the heights Burnley did last season and gate crash the top 7. However, their presence in the league will be exciting enough for all football fans due to their football style for all or nothing and that is why they are certainly winning fans across the world. They might be a little football club, but they are certainly attacking the big league in style and every fan has a special spot for AFC Bournemouth.

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